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SuiteAmerica is one of the fastest growing employee-owned corporate housing companies in the United States today thanks to the leadership of our executive team. It all stems from a positive atmosphere in which our SuiteAmerica employees excel in creating a corporate housing experience that is second to none. Whether you are searching for a furnished apartment for a temporary assignment, or for a relocation, our goal is to always exceed your expectations.

SuiteAmerica has an unbeatable track record of outstanding customer service that has garnered our corporate housing company numerous awards, including the Corporate Housing Providers Association Company of the Year, and were rated the number one Temporary Housing Company in the Trippel Survey of Corporate Relocation Managers and Transferees in 2010-2015, as well as the 2015 Cartus Gold Supplier Innovation Award for Same Day Turns.

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Our Executives

Valued SuiteAmerica employee Robin Masten Corporate Office: West
Valued SuiteAmerica Employee for over 26 years

Robin Masten


Robin Masten, the president of SuiteAmerica, brings over 20-years of experience in corporate housing and 10 years of experience in the furniture rental business to the SuiteAmerica team. Robin and her husband Jim were pioneers in the personalized corporate housing market when they started California Suites in 1990, that later grew into SuiteAmerica.

SuiteAmerica's corporate housing product embodies Robin Masten's excellent skills of diplomacy, integrity, excellence in sales and customer service, and that business, can be a tool for helping improve people's lives each day. Her amazing heart and belief in personalized service has rocketed SuiteAmerica's growth over the past twenty years.

Robin and Jim have helped set the standard for excellence in the corporate housing market that has garnered SuiteAmerica many awards, including the Corporate Housing Providers Association Company of the Year, and were rated the number one Temporary Housing Company in the Trippel Survey of Corporate Relocation Managers and Transferees.

Robin can be counted on to lead how she wants others to follow and shows us how to deliver the best of ourselves to our clients and our lives. When Robin isn't heading up the SuiteAmerica team she is spending time with her family, bike riding, skiing, reading and applying that positive spirit to everything and everyone her life touches.

Valued SuiteAmerica employee James Masten Corporate Office: West
Valued SuiteAmerica Employee for over 26 years

James Masten


Jim Masten, the CEO of SuiteAmerica, brings over 20-years of experience in corporate housing and over 12 years experience in the furniture rental business to the Suite America team. He and his wife Robin were pioneers in the field of personalized corporate housing 20 years ago, when they founded SuiteAmerica. Jim and Robin have continued to set the standard for excellence in the corporate housing market that garnered SuiteAmerica the Trippel Award for customer service in 2010.

Jim is the vision holder, innovator, technology expert, and driving passion that continually updates and keeps the SuiteAmerica product responsive to our clients needs. He is our visionary leader that sets the pace at SuiteAmerica through his drive for excellence, innovative ideas, and dedication to the SuiteAmerica team. He has been the mastermind behind the changes that keep SuiteAmerica ahead of the competition, while he paves the way for to us deliver the best of ourselves to the SuiteAmerica team.

We can count on Jim to keep our company innovative, responsive, and nimble, while setting the pace for our team to continually raise the bar of excellence for ourselves. When Jim isn't heading up the SuiteAmerica team he is spending time with his family and enjoys cars, sports, weight lifting and gardening.

Valued SuiteAmerica employee Debbie Endsley Corporate Office: West

Debbie Endsley


Debbie Endsley joined SuiteAmerica in 2017. Debbie previously served the State of California for more than 36 years in various administrative and executive roles. She was most recently the interim Secretary of the California Department of Veterans Affairs for Governor Brown. Debbie also served as the Director of the Department of Personnel Administration for Governor Schwarzenneger; was a Cabinet member of both administrations, Board member of the California Public Employees' Retirement System, and Member of the Board of Directors for the California Housing Finance Agency.

Valued SuiteAmerica employee Ken Stone East Coast Division

Ken Stone


Ken joined SuiteAmercia in 2017 as the Vice President of Sales and Business Development - Eastern Region. With more than 25 years of hospitality sales leadership experience, primarily in the upscale extended stay lodging segment, associated with major hospitality industry brands, Ken brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to further grow SuiteAmerica's corporate lodging business. Ken is a strategic thinker who consistently develops and implements successful marketing initiatives to support the sales organization. Throughout his career, Ken has partnered with numerous hospitality industry experts, rolling out "best in class" corporate housing products and services to Fortune 500 Companies. As a highly regarded sales professional within the hospitality industry, Ken fully understands the importance of individual client relationships and customer satisfaction. Ken holds the idea that a good leader embraces change and stems from honesty, integrity, and dedication.

A native of the Maryland/Northern Virginia area, he grew-up just outside of Washington, DC and currently resides in Annapolis, MD with his wife and two children. On the rare occasion that he's not cheering his son on in baseball or his daughter in gymnastics, you may find Ken and his wife on the Chesapeake Bay or Severn River, eating crabs and enjoying the amazing "Salt Life" of Annapolis.

Valued SuiteAmerica employee Leslie Batsford West: Northern California

Leslie Batsford


Leslie Batsford is responsible for new business development on the West Coast. She has over 20 years combined experience in both executive and consultative sales management, working for some of the world's leading corporate housing companies. Leslie employs a creative, customer focused, consultative approach to her clients, enabling her to develop innovative housing solutions that fits their unique needs. Her strong business development acumen, polished while securing and managing strategic accounts for some of Silicon Valley's most recognized companies, is an asset to the SuiteAmerica team.

Valued SuiteAmerica employee Laura Gregersen West Coast Division

Laura Gregersen


Laura Gregersen brings over 20 years of experience in the corporate housing and property management industries. Previously, working with one of the largest nationwide property management companies and held positions as Leasing Manager, Assistant Property Manager and Property Director. Spending the past eighteen years selling corporate housing in the Northern California area with a strong track record in developing business and increasing market share; with a proven ability in account management and client retention through development and implementation of systems and service initiatives to better support the strategic needs of business partners.

Valued SuiteAmerica employee Vanessa Reiter West: Northern California
Valued SuiteAmerica Employee for over 24 years

Vanessa Reiter


Vanessa joined SuiteAmerica in 1993. As Director, National Sales, Vanessa is responsible for strategic accounts, and manages our Pacific NW sales market. She has been in the Corporate Housing industry since 1989 and has a Bachelor of Business degree in Marketing from Western Illinois University. Vanessa is a member of several relocation organizations including ERC and Portland Relocation Council.

Valued SuiteAmerica employee Julie Mammini West: Northern California
Valued SuiteAmerica Employee for over 24 years

Julie Mammini


Julie joined SuiteAmerica in 1992. As Director of Personal Transition Services, she is in constant contact with our guests to continually research how we may better serve our clients. Julie is one of the first five employees hired by SuiteAmerica, helping out where needed! She has held a variety of positions in Distribution, Accounting, Guest Services, and in 2000 joined the Sales Team. Julie has over 13 years of experience in the Relocation Industry and has also been a member of the Bay Area Professionals in Relocation Management since 1993.

Valued SuiteAmerica employee Mark Kaiser Corporate Office: West

Mark Kaiser


Mark came to SuiteAmerica in 2015 to guide the rebrand of the company and build a creative team that could elevate the company's increasing and ever-changing marketing efforts. With an extensive background as a creative lead for many nationally and internationally known lifestyle and apparel brands, Mark has concepted, designed and directed a broad range of multi-channel projects including brand identity, environmental graphics and store signage, print collateral of all types, web design and e-commerce, editorial and packaging design. With his team he has crafted a new image for the company and built upon SuiteAmerica's marketing efforts, collaborating with development partners to design and launch a host of digital tools for SuiteAmerica and its partners.

Valued SuiteAmerica employee Shuford Bowman Corporate Office: East
Valued SuiteAmerica Employee for over 9 years

Shuford Bowman


Shuford Bowman rejoined SuiteAmerica in 2007 and was promoted in March of 2011 to Director of Accounting and Information Systems. Shuford oversees the accounting department as well as various information systems used throughout departments. Our SuiteAmerica team benefits from his 20 years of experience in the furniture rental business and corporate housing industry. He enjoys being part of a team that is passionate about innovation while delivering excellence in customer service.

Shuford brings his design expertise, sense of humor, and his people skills to balance his approach to his management position at SuiteAmerica. He respects that at SuiteAmerica each person's input is valued, which allows each of us to contribute our best to the company.

We can count on Shuford for his wit, his ability to put others at ease and his dedication to leading a team focused on unbeatable service. Shuford has always found inspiration from Martin Luther Kings life, his honesty and selflessness. When Shuford isn't focused on his operations team he enjoys a good cigar, time with family, and helping others bring beauty to their surroundings with his interior design skills.

Kimberly Frost


Kim joined SuiteAmerica in 2017 as Managing Director, Global Supply Chain. Kim is a Certified Relocation Professional bringing over 20 years in the Global Mobility industry with a diverse background in designing, delivering and managing global supply chains including temporary housing, hotels, furniture rental and rental assistance in over 110 countries. Analytical thinker always striving for process controls and improvements.

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